Sushi Recipe

January 25th, 2011

If you wish to follow a sushi recipe to make your own sushi at home, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, top quality ingredients make high quality sushi. As sushi can be quite difficult to make, it is important that you start with a good foundation. Every ingredient to go into sushi must be made carefully so that the flavors are preserved.

There is more to a sushi recipe than the order in which ingredients are made into a sushi roll. While the order and placement of ingredients in a sushi roll is important, making certain that you correctly make the sushi rice, the very foundation of sushi, is vital.

When you follow a sushi recipe, you should pick a vegetarian recipe to begin with. As those new to making sushi do not know what imperfections in raw fished to look for, it is important that you start with something that has no negative impacts on your health. While the fish sold in grocery stores are safe for consumption when cooked, the raw fish needed for a sushi recipe needs to be fresher and of higher quality than what is typically found in local stores. This is partly why it is better to start with vegetarian dishes.

In addition to this, making sushi rice is a skill that takes practice in order to master. In order for the sushi to be assembled correctly, the rice must be sticky. However, if it is too sticky, it comes out with a mushy texture that is unappealing. Vinegar, or some other substance, dependent on the sushi recipe, will add a sour flavor to the rice. However, if there is too much vinegar, the taste will be too bitterly sour and the rice will lose its sticky properties. If the rice is not sticky enough, it will not be able to hold its shape for proper molding.

Molding your rice in your sushi recipe is very important. While flavor is key to good sushi, so is importance. This is another reason that it is strongly suggested that you start with vegetarian sushi. This will help ensure that you have the practice you need to properly present the sushi.

Once you learn your sushi recipe, sushi is quick to make and very filling. As sushi is low in fat, it is an excellent addition to most diets. Due to the filling nature of rice, it also takes little sushi to make you feel full, which is also extremely beneficial if you are attempting to lose weight.